Dating jealous girl persuasive speech on internet dating

when it hits them, says marriage and family therapist Diane R. It's destructive if acted on aggressively, but it can be a useful signal if it's approached as a force for good.Read on for the potential benefits of the green-eyed monster.1. The urgent sting of jealousy can prompt you to show how important your partner is to you.One source close to the couple dished, “He thought they were falling into old patterns again.He feels he can date other people and still be a good date."Jealousy can highlight what you value–your relationship," says Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph D, psychologist and author of the upcoming book 2. Jealousy can help strengthen your connection when you talk about it."The key is healthy communication instead of bottling up your jealousy and letting it boil out in unhelpful, passive aggressive ways–like 'Sorry I don't have a body like that girl flirting with you all night at the party,'" says Dr. Instead, she suggests being assertive and saying something like, "I have to tell you, I got a little jealous watching that beautiful woman flirting with you tonight.

In other words, you want your man to say, "There's nothing to be jealous about.

There’s a new rumor swirling that suggests the actress is jealous of Ben’s new girlfriends and that’s why she’s giving him a stern warning about his decision to date other people and ultimately, making him feel guilty in the process, too.

There’s no denying that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have the most bizarre arrangement when it comes to Hollywood couples and their marriages.

"A partner we have lost interest in can suddenly become much more appealing when another woman is flirting with him, which can lead to a beneficial renewed spark." Don't hesitate to act on feelings.4. Jealousy can alert you that you're unhappy with some aspect of yourself—and it can be just the motivation you need to take positive steps toward changing it. "Jealousy can serve as a reminder to be the best partner you can be, so use it to show just how much yours means to you," says Dr. You might surprise him with a meal you know he loves or tickets to see his favorite band.

"A client was jealous because of her husband's beautiful and fit co-worker. Making a renewed effort can "improve your relationship and motivate him to be an even better partner."See also: 7 Times Your Husband Really Doesn't Mean to Hurt Your Feelings6. Feeling jealous could point to deeper hang-ups, so listen to the warning signs and get to the bottom of the real issue.


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