Updating mazda3 navigation system

Make the memory card available to the computer If your computer has a card reader, insert the memory card into the slot in the card reader.

If your computer does not have a card reader, you will need an external card reader.

Press the Nav button and you'll get a compass instead.

Hunt around the cabin and you'll see an SD card slot.

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Hence we recommend that you read ALL of this document before you start your software update.Any mod that required modifying or replacing files (Disclaimer time, background image, wifi enable) will not persist between upgrades and will need to be reapplied. The failsafe file includes only what is necessary in the event that things go wrong. Has someone tested if the “Disable touch-screen speed restriction” and “Reduce disclaimer auto-dismiss time” modifications work with the same commands? As for upgrading from v31 to v33 or the persistence of other modifications, I am unaware of anyone reporting about whether or not changes remained. Tried to re-install but the system said “Tweak Already Installed”.As a general rule, any mod that only requires running scripts (Speed restriction) will persist after upgrades. How can I remove the tweak so it can be freshly installed?Depending on the configuration of your computer and internet connection, it can take two hours or more to download a map.


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