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“About one week after the introduction, Piyawan brought me to a hotel and told me to do what the customer wanted for money. “That day, I was paid Bt1,000.” She said she had since tried to avoid Piyawan, who kept calling her to ask her to get involved in prostitution.

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BANGKOK: A quiet northern town has been shocked by revelations that several government officials allegedly bought sex from underage girls for years.

It's not every day you come across a singing sex-ed teacher—the "Teen PATH" program in Thailand is one of a kind!

Thailand is a picturesque country and a popular tourist destination for more than 11 million people each year.

We’re rescuing many children from the sex industry and we’re working closely with local police to bring human trafficking criminals to justice.

Once children we’ve rescued enter our care, we bring them to one of our many Rescue Homes, where they’ll be safe and can grow up in a Christ-centered, loving environment.


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